On this project we were subcontracted to complete the framing, formwork, and exterior finishing for the complete overhaul of this 100 year old Kitsilano heritage home.

The beginning. Demo under way.

Basement structural upgrades.
Basement structural upgrades.

The whole house was opened up. To make this happen, we had to install a lot of steel starting from the basement and working our way up.

Basement view.

All of the existing joists had to be 'sistered' with larger joists.

View from the main floor of the steel beams we installed from underneath.

View from the main floor looking to the front. The whole main floor was reconfigured.

First level of the addition. More steel beams were needed to support the upper floor.

Looking to the front of the house. Lots of planning and shoring was needed to ensure the structural upgrades went smoothly.

Second floor walls of the addition.

Upper floor framing.

We had to fit a large ridge beam into the existing roof which extended to the rear of the addition.

Hand-framed roof progress.

A look a the rear of the house nearing completion.

The finishing needed to match the original look of the house to maintain it's heritage look.

New front with one less column and new concrete stairs.